Physics Zombies?

Over the last year or so, some friends and colleagues at CERN have been working on a zombie film, set at the particle physics lab just outside Geneva, and filmed entirely on location.

It's called Decay, and the trailer is looking pretty good!
Making an appearance amongst the sound edit in the trailer is a piece I wrote for a computer-hacking-montage type sequence, called 'wintermute'.


This weekend I've been working on my zombie dungeon crawler quite a bit. A few bugs squished and a few new features added.

The game now has an infinite number of increasingly difficult levels, three different weapon types, randomly generated loot dropped by dead zombies and an inventory screen.

I'm quite happy with the progress I've made and think it's on it's way to being a complete game now!

Programming and stuff

I've added a new section called 'Code' which will house all kinds of programs I've written, and details of any projects that I might be undertaking (expect some Raspberry Pi stuff)

Currently it only features the simple zombie shoot 'em up dungeon-crawler type game I wrote in Java, but I'll put more stuff on there.
There might even be useful scripts and such for linux users.
Everything I put on there will either be on github, or have the source attached, so you can play with it all.

New website!

Hello all!

I've been playing around with Drupal, and this is the result.
I also have the domain now, though should also redirect to this page (at least eventually...).

I plan on porting over most of the things the old website had, but with a nicer layout, and perhaps more of a blog going on. Who knows.


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